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1) Do I need to be physically present in US to open my US bank account ?

NO. You just need to submit the necessary documents to the bank using normal mail service or courier service per what we stated in our information kit. You DO NOT need to be physically present in US to open your US bank account.

2) What is the initial deposit?

When you apply for this US bank account, there is no initial deposit. However, once the account is approved, you have to have USD 1000 in your account in order to apply for the FREE Platinum ATM Debit card. You can also transfer money from your PayPal or other internet merchant accounts to top-up your account.

3) Do I need a SSN (social insurance number) to open the US bank account ?

NO. Only a photocopy of your passport is needed and is required to prove your identity at this moment. Although the application form has a SSN field to ask for your SSN, you can safely skip it if you are non-US citizens

4) How do I deposit money into my US bank account ?

There are 5 methods you can deposit money into your US bank account once it is approved. All deposits made must be in US dollars. No other currencies will be accepted

i) Wire transfer (From anywhere in the world)
ii) ACH transfer (Applicable to US banks only)
iii) From your Internet Payment Provider such as PayPal, 2CO, BidPay and etc
iv) US checks deposit
v) Personal checks, Bank draft or Money Order (MUST be drawn on banks with US offices and payable in US dollars)

5) What is the withdrawal limit per day?

You can withdraw up to USD 500 per day at any ATM that accepts the our ATM card. You can make purchase with your ATM debit card either offline or online. There is no transaction fees charged when you use your ATM Debit Card. (FREE for 5 times per month)

6) Is there any monthly charge for my Platinum ATM debit card.?

No. There is no monthly or annual fees for the Platinum ATM debit card. There is NO SERVICE FEE as well when you use your Platinum ATM debit card for ATM cash withdrawals or make any purchases.

7) Do I get a FULL refund if my account application is rejected?

Yes, you will get 100% money back* if your application is rejected. You need to send us the official reject letter from the bank to prove that your application is rejected and you should get your refunds within 24-72 hours. So far, our success rates is 100% unless your passport photocopy is not clear, the application form is filled up wrongly or you may have applied from the countries (please see FAQ #7) that are not eligible to apply. Like we mentioned above, your refund request MUST be supported with a scanned letter from the bank stated that they have rejected your application.

8) Which countries' citizens are not eligible to open this US Bank Account ?

Countries that are not allowed to open the US bank account are Canada, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the UNITA faction in Angola, Syria and Burma (Myanmar).

9) Can I transfer my PayPal money into this US bank account and vice-versa?

YES, absolutely. Just select the "withdraw" function from Paypal web site ,fill in your bank details and that's it. You can also transfer money from your Bank Account to your PayPal account if your Paypal doesn't have enough fund to make payments. In other words, if you are in PayPal, you can "Withdraw Funds" to your bank account and also "Add Funds".

10) How much do I really save from opening a US bank account as compared to using my internet affiliate partners to sent me a US check (cheque)?

You actually save a lot both for time and money. For instance, you have saved approximately a few hundreds to a few thousands on flight tickets to be physically present in US to open your US bank account. Also, you save on bank charges of approximately USD15-20 for each US check clearance. In term of time, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the check to arrive from USA, and it takes another 4-6 weeks for your local bank to clear the check. That is approximately 19 weeks time spent to clear your US check. In one year, you may have paid up to USD180-USD200 on bank charges to cash out your money which you earn from your online business. With this US bank account, you can now transfer money for FREE to your US checking account and it only takes 2-3 days for clearance and it has no charges.

11) Why are some people or companies on the internet charging USD150-200 to open a US bank account? Are they genuine?

Those companies charge a much higher fees because they  apply the US bank account for you on your behalf and make hefty profits. Most of the US banks do not permit ANY 3rd party to apply a US bank account on a person behalf due to fraud, money laundering and the patriot act. There are some parties on the internet that charges much lower fees than us but they provide you with a scanned version of the account application form which are not very clear and will be rejected by the bank easily. The account application forms that you will be getting from us are the exact and the latest forms that the US bank provide to us. We even include an example forms with step-by-step details to guide you through on how to fill up the forms to reduce the mistakes made during form fill up. Importantly, we provide you a 60 days money back guarantee if your application is rejected by showing us the proof.

19) Will my identify such as name, address and other confidential information is at exposed or at risk when I purchase your package?

No. One of the reasons we charge such a low fees compare to our competitors because we don't apply this US bank account on your behalf like what other companies do, it is a 100% DIY package that you apply the account on your own so your identity is safe with you.

13) Can I open a company account (business account) with your information?

YES. The information provided here is valid for both individual accounts and business account.

* Please note that for company accounts (business account), you cannot apply for the ATM debit card. Some of my clients opened a company/business account so that they can withdraw money from their PayPal account to the bank account (free), and then wire them out to their local bank account (USD25, must have the same account name). This is the how they can get their PayPal money out. Another alternative is that you open an individual account besides the business account, with that, you can transfer money from your business account to your individual account and later use the ATM card that comes with the individual account to withdraw money from your local ATM.

14)  Should I file a dispute to my credit card company if my refund request is not honored by knowledgeheaven.com ?

In knowledgeheaven.com, we have never refused a legitimate request for a refund. If your US bank account application is rejected by the bank and you can show us a proof, you should get your refunds within 24-72 hours. When you dispute a charge with your credit card company. You can cost us USD $20 - $25 in service charges even if you rescind the dispute. Therefore, please contact us first and give us an opportunity to resolve your issue before you file a dispute to your credit card company. Filing a dispute with your credit card company before contacting us and providing us with the opportunity to make you happy is not fair - please do not do this as we have never denied a refund to any customer who has requested one if they can show us a proof that their US bank account application is rejected..

15)  What helps will I get if I face problem in filling up the application forms ?

Our support staffs are always here to help you should you face any problem in filling up the forms. Please send all your questions to support@usbank.knowledgeheaven.com or fill up the online contact form HERE for after sales supports. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

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bTo do online business and withdraw PayPal, StormPay cash easily

bTo deposit USD checks

bNo fees Platinum ATM Debit  card

bNo Initial deposit

bOnline banking

bAccept US checks

b60 days money back guarantee* if application is rejected. (Just sent us the proof) 

bNo statement fees

bOnline banking

bInstant download

bNo credit checks

bNo annual fees for the Platinum ATM Debit card

bNo withdrawal fees when you use your Platinum ATM  debit card to withdraw cash (even when you use it outside of US).



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