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We are a team of very strategically placed professionals who can actually assist and provide you with top results in a reliable and confident way.

Since 2003, we have been helping a lot of non-US citizens realizing their dreams to have their own US bank account. If you want to open a bank account in the USA, we are the professionals you need.

Unlike other individuals or companies who offer the similar services, we make ourselves different in a number of ways :

  • We are an established company who was incorporated in United States. This means you are dealing with a group of professionals who understand your needs and who can listen to your problems. We have our offline businesses which we offer consultation to our clients in various financial aspects such as tax consultation, company incorporation consultation and etc. This proves the knowledge, competency and the expertise we have in the subject matter.

  • We ONLY offer "US bank account opening" service to our customers through our company web site, we do not offer any other services like "Swiss bank account opening", "Anonymous credit card application" and etc for our customers like some of our competitors. This shows we only focus in what we do and we ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our pre-sales and after-sales supports.

  • Our web site is purely offering all the information you need to know on how to open a US bank account, we do not sell our web space to third party advertisers like Google Adsense to earn side income from our visitors visit. This shows our commitment to treat our visitors in a professional way and we want our visitors to understand fully the service we offer here. We do not want our visitors to be distracted by those unnecessary advertisements that are inserted in all the web pages like what our competitors do.

  • We are proud to announce that so far we have achieved 100% application success rate from our customers. All of our customer US bank accounts are active until today. None of our customers' bank accounts are closed by the bank since day one they get their account opened. We received emails from our visitors who purchased the information from some other individuals who have their account closed after they opened it, this is mainly due to the information they received from other sellers are incomplete and outdated. We would like to emphasize here that you only have one chance to open your US bank account with this bank, it is extremely important for you to engage the service from a professional firm like us instead of dealing with individuals who might not have complete information in regards to the service that they are offering.

  • We did not display a long list of testimonials on our web site to convince our customers, this kind of marketing technique is only used by those sellers who lack of confident in their services and need a long list of testimonial to support their sales. Also, those testimonials can be faked. We believe in listening to our customers' problems and we welcome you to talk to us if you have any questions in regards to the information we published on our web site. Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority.

We invite you to check our prices and contact with us and learn more about our service and how we can serve you better.

We are ready to serve your needs.


bTo do online business and withdraw PayPal, StormPay cash easily

bTo deposit USD checks

bNo fees Platinum ATM Debit  card

bNo Initial deposit

bOnline banking

bAccept US checks

b60 days money back guarantee* if application is rejected. (Just sent us the proof)

bNo statement fees

bOnline banking

bInstant download

bNo credit checks

bNo annual fees for the Platinum ATM  Debit card

bNo withdrawal fees when you use your Platinum ATM debit card to withdraw cash (even when you use it outside of US).



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