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APPLY IT NOW (Choose one out of the FOUR US BANK we provide here) before ANY changes on US banking rules or policies!

 FREE Platinum ATM debit card. This card allows you to withdraw up to USD500 a day at any ATM that accepts our cards (11,000 in the US and 600,000 worldwide). You can make purchase up to USD5,000 a day at 18 million outlets worldwide. This card can be used for online and offline purchase! Better still, the bank doesn't apply ANY SERVICE FEES when you use your ATM debit card. 

Below is the FREE Platinum ATM Debit card that you are going to receive (in order to protect our customer privacy, some of the information has been blurred out):

   You can use this bank account to withdraw your PayPal money. According to a study, 70% of the Internet markerters use PayPal for online transactions. It is a known fact that Paypal won't charge any withdrawal fees when someone withdraw his PayPal money to a US bank account. If you withdraw your PayPal money to a non-US bank account, Paypal will charge you both withdrawal fees and 2.5% currency exchange fees. With this US bank account, you can withdraw your Paypal money anytime you want and save your PayPal withdrawal fees!

  US check writing facility.  This US bank give US check book to its customers. This means you can now issue a US checks to your customers with your own name on the check ! You will be given 50 checks FREE when you activate your US bank account. Subsequently, you will only be charged USD 5 for every 40 checks you order.  You can order your check book through the bank online service.

Below is the FREE US Check that you are going to receive (in order to protect our customer privacy, some of the information has been blurred out):

  Deposit your US checks with ease. With this US bank account, you can deposit your US checks which you receive from your US customers without any hassles. What you need to do is to fill up a deposit slips given by the bank. Those deposit slips you can order from the bank through their online service. Just imagine how much you can save here if you deposit your US checks to a US bank account versus if you deposit a US check to your local bank. According to a survey we have done, most of the non-US banks will charge at least USD10 for any US check you deposit through them, not only that, you have to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks to get your check cleared by the local bank. With this US bank account, you will save your commission and your precious time. Depends on how soon your US check reach this US bank, you will be paid as fast as 3 days !

  No US Social Security Number (SSN) or No Money (or No Time) To fly to US to open your US bank Account ? No Problem, this US bank only require you to MAIL IN an application form and a photocopy of your passport to get your account opened. That's it, you don't even need any certification, notarization or apostillization for your passport!

  You do not need any reference letter from other banks in order to open this account. This means no credit check on your side.

You can wire any money to this US bank account with ease. This US bank WON'T CHARGE ANY FEES on inward wire transfer from any bank in the world. The bank will give you an international SWIFT code and ABA Routing Number for you to do your money transfer using Telegraph Transfer (TT) or Wire Transfer.

Today everybody is talking about e-Banking. Yes! you will be given a personal and comprehensive online banking service by the bank. Now, you can check your account balance, view your transaction history, reorder check books, reorder check deposit slips, transfer money to and from other bank accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

If you own any other US bank accounts, you can initiate a ACH transfers TO and FROM any of your other US bank accounts for FREE!

Every month or based on ad-hoc request, this US bank can send you your bank account statement either in PDF format by email or snail mail in paper format

Unless you need to apply the Platinum ATM debit card which needs an initial deposit of USD1,000 else it is a ZERO initial deposit when you apply your US bank account. Once your US bank account is approved, you can fund your account by sending in a check or bank draft or TT. Please note that the USD1,000 initial deposit is still your money and you can withdraw or use it immediately once you have obtained your FREE PLATINUM ATM DEBIT card.

Up to TODAY, the bank DO NOT charge ANY MONTHLY FEES nor you need to maintain any minimum balance in your account in order to use all the banking services as described above

Based on our experiences and customers' feedbacks, this bank provide excellent email and phone supports, you can contact them anytime and anywhere you want. They even provide a TOLL FREE number to call for helps if you are in US.

How about the bank reputation ? We are proudly to tell that it is a Very Large and Reputable bank in US. Guess what ? It is even listed in the New York Stocks Exchange (NYSE)! With this, you can deal with this bank with a peaceful mind.

BONUS ! BONUS ! BONUS ! We are not only giving you one US bank account information, here, we are giving you FOUR US BANK information that a non-US citizen could apply their US bank account! Not only that, we also provide you TWO more FREE bonuses you need as a non-US citizen especially for those who conduct online business through Internet :


So, with only $29.95 $19.95 (8 Years Anniversary Offer - Expires  soon!)), you are getting those information that you cannot get elsewhere. Why wait ? Place your order HERE!

  Below are the letters we received from two of our satisfied 
  customers on 13th March 2016, 28th June 2016 and 7th August 2016:  
Dear Mr. Peter Cruise and knowledgeheaven support team,

   1) Your previous suggestion is of great help to us. Paypal has responded.
       Perhaps we could share the happy news here. Here is part of Paypal
       message which I copy and paste for your reference:
       Dear Mohd Radzi Bin Ismail,
        Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding your bank confirmation.
        Great news Mohd! The amount that you sent to us in your email
        was the correct combined total of the two random deposits that
        we sent to your U.S. bank account. I have confirmed your U.S.
        bank account for you.

        PayPal Community Support

   2) Since Paypal had already confirmed my account with the bank,
       the issue/case of confirming my bank account was settled/resolved.
   3) My next task is to apply for ATM CARD and Check Book
       Authorization with the initial deposits of USD $1,000.
   4) I will keep in contact with you should I face any difficulties.
   5) My great appreciation and regards to you and all the team of
       knowledgeheaven.com for the great friendly professional support you
       have given. Thank you very much!

   Yours Sincerely,
(13th March 2016) 
Dear Mr. Peter Cruise,

  Thank  you very much for your great help here ! Your information kit was incredibly helpful to me, as I *really* needed a bank account in the US, and I had almost given up -- since all banks required me to be present in the US to open an account with them. But thanks to information I found on this website, I came across this US bank, and now I have a fully functioning bank account with them which allows me to transfer funds between this bank account and my paypal!

  Again, my thanks to you and your team!

  Best regards,
  Vicente Rodríguez Otero From Mexico
(28th June 2016)           

Hi There Peter,

I just want to say thank you for helping me open my bank account. It was an awesome service my Application was received on the Saturday and on Tuesday 3 days later my account was opened.

I just have a few questions:
1) Once I have deposited a $1000 in my bank account and applied for the Platinum ATM debit card and check book can I withdraw all my $1000.

2) I am from South Africa but for the next 2 months namely January, February I will be in the US and then returning to South Africa can I have my card and check book couriered to an address in US that I will be staying at for these two months. So I can have access to the funds immediately rather waiting till March when I get home.

3) Also is it true that I can withdraw money from my paypal account to the bank account but cannot withdraw from my bank account to my paypal account.

Thanking you in anticipation of a speedy reply. Also thank you for the wonderful service and support you offer.

  Andy Fourie From South Africa
 (7th August 2016)           


  Personal Message from knowledgeheaven.com INC CEO, Mr Sean Colin:

  "Most of the time, we received feedbacks from our customers about the 
  difficulties to open a US bank account for personals or businesses use.
  They have been told about the needs to have Social Security Number and 
  they need to present in US before they can open a US bank account. This
  is especially true after the introduction of the US Patriot Act. We
  are the only company that can help you to open your US bank account with
  only a photocopy of your passport and an application form. We have many 
  satisfied customers around the world who have successfully opened their 
  account without any problems"

					   	 To Your Success,
						 Sean Colin
						 knowledgeheaven.com INC 	 	

 Users   Testimonial 

 "Manage to Withdraw Money From PayPal"

"With the instructions given, i have linked my Paypal account with my US Bank account within 2 days, now i can withdraw my money from P Paypal with ease ! Thanks ! - SriPorn, Thailand

"I Received My Platinum ATM Debit Card!"

"I applied my ATM debit card a week ago and the bank send me the card within 7 days using FEDEX, what a excellent service !" - Leyla Paola, Argentina

"I Opened My US Account In 4 Days !"

 "With less than 5 days after I submitted the application form to the bank, i received an email from the bank stated my account was approved and I am ready to access it online to deposit my money, the approval speed is amazing. Thank you for your service, i am very happy with it ! - Eddit Liu, China

 "US Check Book Received!"

"I just want to say thank you again for your service. I received my first 50 free checks from the bank this morning. It has my name printed on the checks , now i can issue US checks to my US suppliers without going through my local bank !" - Lisa, UK

"Best     Service!"

"Offer the best service if you are looking for a US Bank Account for Non-US Resident , WORTH THE MONEY !!"


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